Besides healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, taking proper care of your body is also important for staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.

That's why I want to talk to you about body care in this blog.

Of course, good hygiene is very important. But the right choice of skin care products also plays a major role in your body care. The products should be adapted to your skin, hair, nails and so on.

Please note that this is a general and purely informative blog. If you have health problems (e.g. allergies) you should consult a doctor or beautician for advice on care, treatment and product choice.

Skin type

Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin or skin prone to conditions such as acne or other types of rashes, each skin type requires specific care. If you treat your skin wrongly (even without products), you can make any skin problems worse. So first make sure you know your skin type. If necessary, consult a beautician or a skin specialist.

You also need to protect your skin against all kinds of external attacks: sun, cold, wind, pollution, etc. The more sensitive your skin is, the more protection you need. So here too, the protection you apply must be adapted to your skin type.

Hair type

Your hair may be normal, dry, oily, brittle, straight, curly, etc. Again, adjust your hair care ritual and your hair care products according to your hair type. And don't forget that caring for your scalp has as much influence on your hair health as caring for your hair itself. The scalp is the soil on which your hair grows.


How do I make brittle nails or nails with disorders (e.g. nail fungus) healthy again? And how do I keep my nails healthy? This topic will also be covered in this blog.


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See you soon!

-Translated from Dutch by Tamara Swalef-