General Terms and Conditions

Unless agreed otherwise, all invoices must be paid by bank transfer to the bank account specified on the relevant invoice within the payment period stipulated on the invoice.

In the event of default, the following additional charges shall apply by operation of law, without further notice of default:

- a flat-rate charge of EUR 7.50 for each reminder (starting from the second reminder);
- default interest of 2% of the amount owed (outstanding invoice amount + unpaid charges and default interest from previous reminders);

- debt collection costs if a debt collection agency has to be brought in (from 2 months after the invoice due date in the event of non-payment).

Any invoice-related queries must be submitted by registered mail within eight days of receiving the invoice.

The courts of Sint-Truiden shall hold sole and exclusive jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

Data Protection

My work computer is protected with a strong password, a firewall/antivirus software, and VPN to ensure secure connections.

All source files, target files and reference files will be stored for processing your order and will then be permanently deleted upon receipt of payment for the relevant invoice (or upon expiry of the quotation period without acceptance, or upon cancellation of the order).

Customer data will only be used for performing orders for the respective customer and for providing quotes and issuing invoices.

Billing information will be stored, but will only be used for providing quotes and issuing invoices, unless agreed otherwise in writing by the respective customer.