Food and Lifestyle



Alcohol is a foreign substance, not essential to our body. Nevertheless, alcohol comes under nutrients because it provides energy: 1 gram of alcohol provides 7 kcal of energy.



Although vitamins do not provide energy, they are an essential part of a healthy diet.

Minerals and trace elements are essential for the normal functioning of our body. A deficiency leads to metabolic disturbances, an overdose can cause intoxication.



Proteins are an important part of our diet. We need them for growth, repair of muscle tissue, muscle maintenance, hormones, bone tissue, etc. That is why proteins are called "the building blocks of our body".



It may sound strange, but fats are also a necessary nutrient. However, it is important that you pay attention to the nature and quantity of the fats you consume.



Carbohydrates (mainly sugars) occur in pure form in our food and are used as binders or sweeteners. They can also be added to industrially prepared or home-made dishes as a binder, preservative, sweetener or bulking agent.



To stay healthy, it is not enough just to watch what you eat. You need to combine your healthy diet with sufficient exercise. The intensity of this exercise depends on your goal.

Meal times depend very much on your daily schedule. What is important is that you always try to eat at roughly the same times. So you will have to find a pattern for your meals based on your daily schedule.