AH Translations - a cooperation set up in reply to COVID-19 in 2020


COVID-19 stopped our busy lifes from running smoothly : restaurants, hotels, bars, and shops are closing, but also companies are suffering from the corona virus. These are hard times for all entrepreneurs, especially for small businesses. The only way to keep business running just a little bit : online sales. You can always help your clients through your web shop and keep in touch with your (potential) clients and suppliers through your website.

We would like to help you connect with your clients and deliver the best possible service by offering you our help with translations for your websites, flyers, newsletters, etc.

We translate from English, French and German into Dutch, but we might even be able to help you with other language combinations, thanks to our network.

Send your texts that need to be translated to ah.vertalingen@gmail.com and we will get back to you with an offer, free of engagement, and our ultimate delivery date.

Below you can find more info about us and our initiative for your consideration.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Annick & Heidi


We are Annick Schouben and Heidi Geuns and we take the helm. We are collaborating to offer our translation services to the entrepreneurs. This way, entrepreneurs who do not have a web shop yet or who have not offered all their products and services online can count on us for their translations. Hence publish their website in all three national languages on short notice.

Annick speaking

I have known Heidi since we were students. We studied Business Translation together at KHLim. Soon, we found out that we had the same sense of humour and the same passion for languages. Our friendship was meant to last ! In 2005, we got our bachelor's degree in Business Translation. I continued studying and got my second bachelor's degree in teaching in secondary education (Art Education and Computer Science, and the possibility to teach the languages from my first degree).

One year as a teacher, several years as a multilingual secretary at a lawyer's office and meanwhile 8 years already as an employee at KBC Bank and Insurances ... However, I could always fall back on my first passion: languages ! Soon my collegues considered me te be the language expert at the office and came to me to serve clients who did not speak Dutch. Thanks to all of this, I have been able to build a specific jargon and I am also used to associate with clients (i.e. knowing what clients want, what is important to them).

At the beginning of this year, I started to get that itch again. I felt like adding more language to my life. After a lot of pondering and many talks with Heidi ... I was finally ready to try my luck and started a secondary occupation as a freelance translator in March 2020. This was so exciting ! And it became even more exciting when corona decided to involve in the start-up of my secondary occupation. Luckily I can rely on Heidi's experience, her ability to see things in their proper perspective, and - last but not least - her friendship. A collaboration was bound to happen and here we are: AH Translations is born !

Heidi speaking

In 2016, I started a secondary occupation as a freelance translator with a main occupation at an ICT company in Limburg. Soon, I knew my true passion and I decided to extend my freelance activity. Then, in 2018, I was ready to take the next step. Half January, I said goodbye to my collegues and became a full-time freelance translator.

Thanks to my degree in Business Translation (obtained in 2005) I got a lot of chances with several translation agencies, resulting in quite some experience now. I have translated a lot of texts from different industries. And what makes translating even more interesting: you get to learn so many new things because of the different industries.

Everybody is having a hard time now, with the corona virus mixing up our lifes. Of course we would like to keep working. Like every other entrepreneur. That is why we are joining forces. Annick and I, we have known each other since we were students. Together we studied Office Management - Business Translation and we got our bachelor's degree in 2005.

Not so long ago, Annick contacted me again. She was considering to start as a freelance translator (secondary occupation) and she asked me about my experiences. We had lunch together and met for coffee several times. It felt like we had never lost contact. That is why we decided to work together again, now both being freelance translators instead of students.

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