AH Translations - a cooperation set up in reply to COVID-19 in 2020


COVID-19 has virtually stopped the world in its tracks: restaurants, hotels, bars and shops are closing and companies in virtually every sector are struggling because of coronavirus. Times are hard, especially for small businesses. The only way to keep businesses afloat is online sales. Your customers can still visit your online store and you can still maintain contact with your (potential) customers and suppliers via your website.

Now is the time to focus on maintaining your customer contacts and ensuring the services you provide are as good as they can possibly be through top-quality translation of your websites, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc.

We translate from English, French and German into Dutch, but we may also be able to help you with other language combinations thanks to our network of fellow translators.

Send any texts you need translated to ah.vertalingen@gmail.com and we will get back to you with a no-obligation quote and let you know how long it would take.

Please find further information about us and our joint initiative below.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Annick & Heidi

Our joint initiative

Allow us to introduce ourselves - Annick Schouben and Heidi Geuns at your service! We are freelance translators and have decided to be proactive and offer our services directly to businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have not yet got an online store, for instance, or all of your products/services are not yet presented online, then there is no time like the present... We can provide high-quality translations, quickly and efficiently, so that you have everything you need published on your website in French, Dutch and German.

Here are a few words from Annick:

I first got to know Heidi when we studied Business Translating and Interpreting together at Limburg Catholic University of Applied Sciences. We soon noticed that we had the same sense of humour and were both passionate about languages. Our friendship was built to last! We both graduated in 2005. I continued with my studies and in 2008 completed my second bachelor's degree, Secondary Education (Art Education and Informatics), which also allowed me to teach the languages I had studied in my first degree).

I then taught for a year, worked in a law firm for a number of years as a multi-lingual secretary and then spent 8 years working for the integrated bank/insurance group KBC Bank en Verzekeringen. There was a constant theme in these various jobs though: my passion for languages! My colleagues soon started turning to me as the language expert to assist with non-Dutch speaking customers. At the same time I built up knowledge of the specific technical jargon used in a range of fields and learned how to deal with customers (i.e. work out what customers really need).

At the start of this year though I began to get itchy feet. I felt that I needed to use my languages more. After much deliberation and lengthy discussions with Heidi, I made up my mind and started a secondary job as a translator in March 2020. Exciting times! Made even more so by the fact that COVID-19 decided to interfere with the start-up of my new sideline. Fortunately I have Heidi's experience to fall back on, her art to put things in perspective, and - last but not least - our friendship. A joint venture was a natural progression and voilĂ  - AH Translations is here!

And now a few words from Heidi:

I started working as a freelance translator as a secondary job in 2016, alongside my main full-time job for an IT company in Limburg. It did not take me long to work out which one my heart was really in, and so I decided to focus on my freelance translating. In 2018 I was ready to go it alone. So I said my goodbyes to my IT colleagues in mid-January and became a full-time freelance translator.

My degree in Business Translation and Interpreting (from 2005) gave me a good foothold at various translation agencies, allowing me to build up a fair bit of experience. I have now translated a wide range of texts from various sectors, and that is what I love about working as a translator: you learn so many new things from all the different sectors.

Coronavirus is making things difficult for everyone at the moment. We are desperate to keep working - like everyone who is self-employed. So we have decided to join forces. Annick and I have known each other since we studied together at Limburg Catholic University of Applied Sciences, where we both graduated in Office Management - Business Translation and Interpreting.

Not long ago Annick got in touch and told me that she was considering a secondary job as a freelance translator and asked for my insights. We then went for lunch together and met up a few more times over coffee. We clicked again straight away. And that is why we have decided to join forces, now that we are both working as freelance translators.

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