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Dear all,

I hope this message finds you well.

Over the last 8 years, we have embarked upon a number of ambitious projects that have made a tremendous and lasting impact upon the lives of the families of Armor Community. One of the biggest was the construction of Portland Nursery and Primary School, which provides a quality education to children 3-11 years old. This school, which was only a dream just a few years ago, is now firmly established and filled with bright young minds.

We would like to invite you to take a part in making another, even more significant dream come true.

As you know, we currently transport students from the village to city boarding schools for their secondary/high school education. This is an expensive endeavor, and with the boarding school fees continuing to increase, will only get more so. It has been impossible to find sponsors for all the students who desperately desire an education, and with the classes graduating from Portland Primary School, the numbers of unsupported but deserving students will only increase.

Our dream is to build a secondary/high school in the village which will enable us to

provide educational opportunities for the young people at the grass roots level. Sponsorships would still be needed, but the cost would be much less, and some parents would be able to pay for food and educational materials as some of the parents of the children of Portland school are doing.

PCE Foundation's initial goal was to assist local girls in getting a quality education, with the long term aim of increasing the capacity of local families to support the education of their children. We have made strides in this direction; now it is time to start moving forward with this more sustainable approach.

Our experience with Portland School tells us that managing local schools is far easier than trying to work with the staffs of multiple secondary boarding schools in Kampala, arranging transportation, and monitoring progress with only limited access. With the local secondary school, our primary responsibility will be simply to oversee the progress of the sponsored children, and ensure their tuition is paid. The head teacher and other paid staff will handle the actual management of the school, just as they do at Portland School. The children's' parents and guardians will also be able to monitor and support their children, which isn't possible when they are in school far away.

It will cost $81,969.94 to build a complete secondary school consisting of 7 classrooms, 3 laboratories, a staff office and the head teacher's office. This sounds like a huge sum, but if each of the 150 individuals we are reaching out to will make a one-time donation of $550 USD, we can achieve it.

Will you be a part of bringing this dream to life?

I'll look forward to hearing back from you!

Fill in the form to get in touch with us for more info or to donate or become a sponsor.

Kind regards


This is Anthony Ongwen, he's 12. He has 13 siblings. He's the only boy. His parents, who are struggling to raise them said they have more children because they were trying to have a few more boys but it never worked. Two of his siblings are already married by age 12 because of lack of educational support.
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